The best mountain bike race in the Midwest.
— Jesse Lalonde | 2014 Champion
It was awesome. The perfect amount of flow and mud to keep me entertained for 37 miles.
— Courtenay McFadden | 2016 Champion
One of the toughest races the Midwest has to offer.
— Brian Matter | 2016 Champion
Trek is proud to join the Borah EPIC to support CAMBA, and its volunteers who are responsible for so much of the world class mountain biking we have in our home state. There is no better tribute to recognize everything they’ve done than by getting together and riding the trails they’ve built.
— Jon Vick | Trek Bikes
The best MTB race I’ve ever done. 30+ miles of epic singletrack!
— Abby Strigel | 2013 Champion
We rode the fastest, most intuitively laid out and rewarding singletrack I’ve raced in 15 years.
— Jason Sager | 2013 Champion
Not only has the Borah EPIC become established as the anchor spring mountain bike event in the Cable/Hayward area, it has created a model for similar events that help fund CAMBA’s trail development efforts and enhances our ability to plan our annual trail initiatives with confidence.
— Ron Bergin | CAMBA Executive Director